{Enjoy the ice-cold beverage!}

Depending on ambient temperature and the initial chilled temperature of your drink, IZOCOOL, will keep your drink’s enjoyable temperature for up to 90 minutes.


Keeps cold

Thanks to specially produced coating material,
keeps your drink at optimum temperatures to extend your pleasure.
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Enjoyable for a long time

Depending on the ambient temperature,
IZOCOOL keeps your drink’s enjoyable temperature for at least 90 minutes.

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Imagine you want to drink a beer on a hot summer day, picked up from the fridge around 4-5 ºC and start to drink. Just after 5 minutes, the temperature of your drink rose by 10 ºC and the taste is not more enjoyable.

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How was it produced?

By developing the idea, existed in 2012, with a special material developed for 5 years as a result of various experiments, it is possible to increase the heat insulation, produced by covering with specially produced coating material.

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IZOCOOL brand is a registered trademark and IZOCOOL products are protected under national and international fields with patent registration. The infringement of trademark and patent will be fined by the most severe legal methods.

{Ideal temperatures of beverages}

Red Wine: 16-18 ºC
White Wine: 6-8 ºC
Soft Drinks: 4-6 ºC
Beer (according to its type): 4-14 ºC
Water: 8-20 ºC
Sparkling Water: 6-12 ºC
Coffee-Tea: 60 ºC