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Izocool Duo Allday

IZOCOOL DUO ALLDAY is always with you: at breakfast, at lunch break, at dinner and even longer...

IZOCOOL DUO ALLDAY consists of IZOCOOL DRINKING BOTTLE and IZOCOOL IZOBOX, our patented product, keeps 50 cl cans and certain bottle sizes cold or warm for at least 90 minutes.

IZOCOOL DRINKING BOTTLE 450ml: It consists of odorless and stain-free glass, is also stable and heat-resistant.
HEALTHY: Our bottles are BPA and PVC free.
PRACTICAL: Suitable for all hot and cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with a neutral taste.
LEAK PROOF: Each lid is lined with a silicone O-ring to prevent leakage.
EASY TO CLEAN: The drinking bottle is dishwasher-safe without the lid (the print may fade). To ensure that you can enjoy your glass bottle for a long time, we recommend cleaning it by hand.

Izocool Izobox 50 cl can size

Consists of 2 parts, made of insulating plastic, reinforced with a special process. Between the two parts there is an additional layer, filled with a special insulating product, so that the heat or cold from the outside is not absorbed. Simply put in your 50 cl cans and some bottle sizes so that you can enjoy your drinks for at least 90 minutes at the right temperature.

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{Ideal temperatures of beverages;}

Red Wine: 16-18 ºC
White Wine: 6-8 ºC
uSoft Drinks: 4-6 ºC
Beer (according to its type): 4-14 ºC
Water: 8-20 ºC
Sparkling Water: 6-12 ºC
Coffee-Tea: 60 ºC