Imagine you want to drink a beer on a hot summer day, picked up from the fridge around 4-5 ºC and start to drink. Just after 5 minutes, the temperature of your drink rose by 10 ºC and the taste is not more enjoyable.

Sugar sensation in the mouth is sensitive to heat change. Imagine you drink a not enough chilled coke, the same coke tastes less sweet when it's cold.

This is the exact reason for us to produce IZOCOOL for the first time in the world:

Depending on the ambient temperature, IZOCOOL keeps your drink’s enjoyable temperature for at least 90 minutes.

It keeps the enjoyable temperature interval (4-16 ºC) of beer and coke, which are chilled to +4 ºC, (standard refrigerator temperature), depending on the ambient temperature, which allows you to enjoy your taste.


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{IZOCOOL and Brand’s Products}

IZOCOOL brand is a registered trademark and IZOCOOL products are protected under national and international patent registration. The infringement of trademark and patent will be fined by the most severe legal methods.

{How Was It Produced?}

  • 01.09.2017Presentation

    We are proud and happy to offer this unique product that we have produced to your admiration.
  • 11.05.2013Product Development

    With the special developed material, as a result of various experiments for 5 years, we produced a covering material which increases definitely the thermal insulation.
  • 15.08.2012Idea

    We decided to develop our idea, which we had for many years, in 2012, and we started with the necessary R&D work.


Object Used: 50cl ice tea can:

-The temperature of the object, which is taken out of the refrigerator and placed in the Izocool protection container: 5.3 degrees Celsius
-The ambient temperature, when the object is taken out of the refrigerator and placed in the Izocool protection container: 30.4 degrees Celsius

Values in terms of time / degree Celsius of drink in the Izocool protection container, provided that the ambient temperature is constant:

-Measured beverage temperature after 05 minutes: 5,5 ºC
-Measured beverage temperature after 11 minutes: 5,8 ºC
-Measured beverage temperature after 15 minutes: 6,1 ºC
-Measured beverage temperature after 21 minutes: 6,6 ºC
-Measured beverage temperature after 25 minutes: 6,9 ºC
-Measured beverage temperature after 32 minutes: 7,5 ºC
-Measured beverage temperature after 40 minutes: 8,0 ºC
-Measured beverage temperature after 47 minutes: 8,5 ºC
-Measured beverage temperature after 128 minutes:14,3ºC
As can be seen: The heat loss in a half-hour period is only 2.7 ºC, 2.2 ºC in 40 minutes and only 9 ºC in more than 2 hours.

So, these results offer a long-lasting drink taste that performs better than ever.